Educational Philosophy

We aim to offer an education based on high-minded humanity and a broad outlook, which will provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to answer all the nursing care needs of people, to improve their lives from the beginning to the very end. We also aim to endow our students with the comprehensive skills required in nursing practice so that they can operate over a broad spectrum of society to improve people’s health, medical care, and welfare. Furthermore, we endeavor to foster nursing educators and researchers who can make solid contributions to the advancement of nursing research and scholarship.

Educational Aims

  1. To promote the capacity to think and act in a flexible way with a total understanding of people, firmly based on an ethical view of the dignity of life.
  2. To impart the specialized knowledge and skills needed to answer the nursing need of people over the entire range of their lifespan.
  3. In the areas of health and welfare, to foster the ability to respond effectively as nurses to community health care needs, in collaboration with other occupations.
  4. To promote the ability to practice nursing in a way responsive to local needs, through understanding of the cultural life and history of the community.
  5. To encourage a spirit of self-development and research which will help to systematize and develop nursing science.
  6. To facilitate action from an international perspective, through the enhancement of intercultural understanding and communication.

Rationale for establishment of the university

The rapidly aging population, changing health care environment, and transformation in the content and scope of nursing activities have led to a requirement for nurses to have, in addition to their specialized knowledge and techniques, pragmatic skills and flexible decision-making abilities to deal with the fast-changing society. Mie Prefectural College of Nursing contributes to the improvement of health care and welfare through its role as a center of research and education by positively promoting nursing education and research which are tailored to its region, training high-quality nursing staff who answer the needs of society in many areas.


1997, April Mie Prefectural College of Nursing opened. First entrance ceremony of Department of Nursing (Mie Center for the Arts)
May Commemoration ceremony of opening
November First YUMEMIDORISAI (University Festival)
2001, March First Graduation Ceremony and presentation of degrees (first batch of graduates from Dept. of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing)
April First entrance ceremony of Graduate School of Nursing (Master’s Course)
November Visit of Emperor and Empress to the University
2003, March First Graduate School Graduation Ceremony and presentation of degrees (first batch of graduates from Graduate School of Nursing)
2004, March Foundation of Mie Prefectural College of Nursing Alumni Association
August MCN campus becomes non-smoking
2006, April Official recognition of Graduate School’s Nurse Specialist courses
June 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony