Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice

Arrangement of Practical Training

1. Objectives of Practical Training

The objectives of practical training are, while experiencing real nursing work and thus integrating theory and practice, to strengthen judgement and problem-solving ability, and to promote personal growth and an inquiring nature.

2. Arrangement of Practical Training

Practical Training is divided into four stages distributed through the semesters from 1st to 4th year, and held at various places, involving subjects at different health levels and life stages, so that practical nursing skills can be enhanced and a continual subjective learning experience enabled.

Stage Training content Timing Subject Credits
Stage I To gain a comprehensive view of the local people at their respective life stages. Held at various locations with strong local characteristics or health problems, to gain understanding of diverse lifestyles and values through people’s everyday lives. 1st yr., 1st semester “Fureai” practice 1
Stage II Based on Stage I, to gain a comprehensive undertanding of people from the viewpoint of life stage and health level. The first half takes the patient’s point of view, the second half that of the nurse, in considering the role of nursing, to develop basic skills. 1st yr., 2nd semester Fundamental Nursing Practice I 1
2nd yr., 1